January 26, 2016 Karin Blythe

Mumsie sadly passed away on November 29, 2015, but not before living an incredibly full and rich life. She was one of three cats cats to be dropped off and abandoned at the O'Keefe Ranch over 10 years ago. Two of them were pregnant at the time and one of them was Mumsie. The live-in ranch manager at the time, Ken Mather, and his family took Mumsie in and cared for her and her newly adopted pregnant sister Bonita as they both gave birth to many kittens. She was called "Mumsie" because she would even nurse Bonita's kittens as well as her own. On Mother's day that year at the Ranch, the kittens were offered to any visitors who wanted to give them a good home. They were all adopted by the end of the day. Mumsie then lived happily with the Mathers as they went on with their lives. She came into my life because I began dating the younger Mather son in 2008. He and I decided to bring Mumsie into our erratic, young, student-lives soon after and moved her into our apartment. She loved warm laps, loved all human beings, and loved the outdoors. Our very good friends and their young daughter Harli also cared for Mumsie in the last few years of her life as my partner and I temporarily moved across the country; they affectionately called her "Chumsie." In the last few months of her life she lived with me and my family, who, aside from me, do not particularly like animals or pets. Despite being initially displeased with me bringing Mumsie into our family's home, she won their hearts almost immediately. My grumpy brother, who is allergic to cats, would let her sit on his lap every night, and my even grumpier father would clean her fur with a damp cloth. It was a very sad day for everybody who had experienced Mumsie's love and company the day she passed away. Now my family is unwilling to welcome a new cat because Mumsie had been so special and it was very hard to lose her. The Japanese traditionally cremate their loved ones so my mother was adamant about cremation. Thanks to the support and compassion of Armstrong's Halo Pet Cremation, I was not only able to grant my mother's wishes in a timely manner but able to spread Mumsie's ashes in our yard, a place she had spent many warm afternoons exploring and enjoying in the last months of her life. She was a very special cat and I am very lucky to have had her in my life.


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