May 10, 2022 Karin Blythe

Jan 26 2015 to April 1 2022
BunBun was a gift from Mother Earth and The Creator, in the form of an abandoned Easter Pet on my street in the early months of 2015. After gaining her trust, I brought her home. Realizing my place was not for rabbits, at two weeks I released her. She came to me everyday as I built her a new home, built onto mine. She played with the Army Camp Ground Keepers and some of the cadets. She came in permanently on Sept 23 2016. She was not happy, but she was now safe. For the rest of her life she became my best friend, my companion, and my teacher, for six more years. I learnt how to be more loving, understanding, patient, and more empathetic to small animals. Her only boyfriend was BerBon, another Lionhead like BunBun. Unfortunately he passed shortly after we got him, by the same affliction BunBun had. Now she shares his urn with him. She had no kits, but she will be remembered by all her neighborhood friends. They all said I spoiled her, and I said "what's your point". When you love someone so strong, you'd be amazed at what you'll do for them. She'll always be in my heart, like BerBon she'll always be remembered by me, because I kept a foot from both and wear it around my neck. I will take them everywhere I go. She will help me to continue my journey until we meet again. Thanks to Karin, BunBun's little body was honored on April 30 at Halo Pet Cremation. It was beautiful, my heart goes out to Karin and Chris for performing this perfect service for BunBun and putting my mind to rest from worry. Thank you dearly. BunBun I miss you! You were my sweet little girl, daddy will always love you! Amen!
Glenn Kelly

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