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October 12, 2017 Karin Blythe

For Our China Boots  
Sept 30, 2017 
For each sunset there’s a sunrise,
In a land we cannot see.
There’s a place of love and endless dawn,
That’s called... Eternity.
In this land there are no shadows,
And no deepening shades of night,
And no candles ever needed,
For God provides the Light.
No pain or sorrow enters there,
No teardrops ever fall,
And no such thing as parting,
Within its Golden Halls.
Cares and worries are forgotten,
In this land where trails cease,
And the heart knows only gladness,
And the bliss of perfect peace.
In time there’ll be a reunion,
Sweeter far than words can say,
With those who’ve gone and await us,
In this land of Endless Day.  
So Much Luv
Wendy & Rod


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