January 16, 2022 Karin Blythe

June 27, 2007 - January 2, 2022
You were such a good boy with an easy going nature. We loved you from the moment you and Toby came into our lives. You gave us unconditional love and so much happiness and made every day a cherished memory.
You handled your on going health problems so brave
and we are so proud of you. 
We will miss seeing you when we come home (it was the highlight of our day), your loud purrs when you were petted, your adorable head bunts, your soft precious meow when you were talking to us, your beautiful face, your silky fur, putting your paw in our face when you wanted our attention, laying on your side with your head on your pillow looking at us with your beautiful eyes, your curly tail, seeing you enjoy soaking up the sun on a warm day or laying in your favourite place on our (your) bed with us, your brother, toys and brush. 
You were everything to us and our hearts are so broken. No words can explain the loss we feel without you. You will be missed every day our sweet baby boy. We know you are pain free now and in heaven with Tigger, Cymba and Pebbles. You were our sweetest fur baby, our life, our everything.
Rest in Peace our lovey, strong boy, we love you so much!
Daddy, Mommy and Toby xoxo

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