June 07, 2021 Karin Blythe

May 31, 2017--June 5, 2021
Thank you Kitchi, for coming into my life as that tiny orphan kitten found in my front bushes. Thank you for being incredibly brave in life, through illness, and in transitioning to death. You will live in my heart forever. I will love you forever.
You weren't with me nearly as long as I'd hoped, yet you filled my life, and taught me so very much.
I am immensely blessed to have shared my life with you. 
I love your nose
I love your purr
I love the pattern
On your fur
I love your ears
I love your eyes
I love your kisses
I love your sighs
I love your paws
I love your hugs
I love your meows
I love your rubs
I love you Kitchi
Every part
You'll always be
Within my heart.

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