September 07, 2016 Karin Blythe

Look out doggy heaven…Molly has arrived!! 

We said good-bye to our Molly this weekend. Anyone who knew Molly will understand what I mean when I say it was with mixed emotions, but much harder than we imagined it would be! Molly has challenged our patience many, many times in her 14 years and to say she caused much frustration on many occasions would be an understatement…but despite her size she filled the house, and anywhere she was, with her personality, her antics and her enthusiasm! There aren’t too many out there that exuded her joy of life and joy of meeting people the way she did, and had the smarts to pull it off…but it was always on Molly’s terms, obedience wasn’t a big word in her vocabulary. In retrospect I realize that Molly had many life lessons to teach us… such as greet everyone, whether you know them or not, with utter excitement, no matter how many times someone tells you to stop, bounce off the walls if that’s what you feel like doing…if you want something, keep asking for it till you get it, or keep digging till you find it…if it’s edible (in your opinion) and within your reach, eat it, shoe polish, lip gloss, underwear, someone else’s chocolate cake….if you’re not hurting anyone or anything, and especially if no one’s home, your place is wherever you choose it to be, the view was better from the top of the table…if you are excited about doing something, show it! the best cuddler ever, and you will be forgiven for almost anything…give lots of gentle kisses that say I’m not mad at you…why should you be mad at me, life is meant to be fun, live it! And one of the greatest gifts Molly gave us was to get us up every morning and out the door for a walk…rain or shine or snow…+30 degrees or -30 degrees, doesn’t matter, it is the perfect way to start the day!

As big as your heart was for life Molly girl…you wore it out….

Leslie & Phil

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