January 16, 2022 Karin Blythe

Just as the clouds opened a ray of sunshine broke through. Our baby Ruby rode the warm light to a special place where there is no pain and suffering; a place with endless grassy fields and squirrels to chase; warm sunshine to bask and calm waters to float,  joining her best friend Tika. 
Our hearts are broken...Momma Jo and Momma Ellie had to let you go and as painful this was for us, your suffering needed to stop. We know you're loving your new home with Tika... goodbye for now our sweet special baby girl...
til we meet again, somewhere over the rainbow where there is no pain but only joy.
You were the light of our life and gave us so much happiness and laughs. You're in Mommas soul, always. 
Be in Peace.and scout out a camping spot for us.

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