September 12, 2022 Karin Blythe

My beautiful girl Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge on September 6, 2022.
I was so lucky to become your mom and you were my girl, we were such a good match having shared a 6 years blessing with you Sophie as you was truly what dog legends are made of.
I feel a huge hole in my heart, all is silence and dark without you, life will never be the same without you.
Sophie was incredibly intelligent, sensitive, funny and even very delicate for her size, like a lady.
Sophie was a big lover and so gentle with her tiny little sister, Lola. Sophie was always excited and eager to start the weekend activities, she loved going to the beach, car rides, walks.
Sophie was my sunshine, my rock, my clown, my girl.
Sophie will be greatly missed, she filled my heart with so much joy, happiness and love. Sophie was the best thing that even happened in my life and I am so grateful and proud she was mine. There won't be a day that goes by that I won't be thinking of you and all our memories. 
Thank you to everyone who loved my beautiful girl, Sophie, she loved you too.
Special thanks to her Dr. Gray and team at the Panorama vet clinic for their support and loving care of precious Sophie.
Thanks Karin and Chris for their kindness and respect at Halo Aftercare.
Run and play free at the beach with your brother Melvin 
Until we meet again, your spirit will always be with angel Sophie
I love you forever
Mom and sister Lola

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