September 14, 2020 Karin Blythe

Tullulah... Tully,  Baby Lou, Tully Bear, T.B. or Boop.  Many nick names... but one big, beautiful girl.  Inside and out.  A gentle pooch, who let me know there was a baby kitten under the garage.  For 5 years that kitty Hank, was your best friend.  He misses you... as does Hazel and Daisy too.  You were their fearless leader and we are all quite lost without you.  My best friend and my protector, chasing off anything that dared to enter our yard. 

You loved your people too.  Excited when I told you someone was coming to visit, you patiently waited for them at the door or the gate. 

Winter was your season, being a husky cross.  I picture you making the most of the last patch of spring snow left in the yard. 

I wish you could have been with us longer, but you were called to be the brand-new angel in doggie heaven.   I was blessed with you in my life for 8 years and I will miss you so very much.  Rest softly my Tully Girl...


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