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Paris Fawn Sorba

JULY 15 2003 - MARCH 21 2018.

Our beautiful little Paris slipped away to sleep, in her favorite spot with her family by her side.
She will be deeply missed, but she definitely left her foot prints in our hearts!

"When someone you love becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure."



A Prayer to Family 

Beloved Friends of the Animal Kingdom, I am humbled in Your Presence. You have endured the burden of suffering placed upon you for centuries of time by this species of people who have believed themselves better than you, higher than you, mightier than you. Majestic gifts from the cosmos, you share not our language, but in your eyes is a love more powerful than most people can bear. May that love reach into the hearts of all upon this planet and reveal a truth long hidden: we all come from the One Great Source. We truly are Family. 

With certainty, we know that Ping has been embraced by the Light; no more to return and endure the suffering of discord issued by mankind. We thank you for the love, the companionship and the example that you set for us to follow: never complaining, always grateful, always faithful and ever demonstrating such determination to Be. 

We are so grateful and so blessed to have the compassion and service of Karin and Chris at Halo to assist with Ping following her transition. 

The Llama Sanctuary 

Chase, British Columbia 



If love could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever

11 years with us wasn’t enough. 

You never barked, just never felt the need to. You were patient, loving, and gentle and a loyal companion. Your nudges for lovies will be missed. You are chasing birds, through fields, swimming in the lake, and I know you will be there waiting for us with your bright eyes and wagging tail, when our time comes. Good-bye baby girl.

China Boots

China Boots

For Our China Boots  
Sept 30, 2017 
For each sunset there’s a sunrise,
In a land we cannot see.
There’s a place of love and endless dawn,
That’s called... Eternity.
In this land there are no shadows,
And no deepening shades of night,
And no candles ever needed,
For God provides the Light.
No pain or sorrow enters there,
No teardrops ever fall,
And no such thing as parting,
Within its Golden Halls.
Cares and worries are forgotten,
In this land where trails cease,
And the heart knows only gladness,
And the bliss of perfect peace.
In time there’ll be a reunion,
Sweeter far than words can say,
With those who’ve gone and await us,
In this land of Endless Day.  
So Much Luv
Wendy & Rod



In loving Memory of our Toby (Pooper Doodle)
Our friend, the best gift that was brought into our lives, loved us unconditionally. 
Greeted us at the door every day with your run around the coffee table like a race horse showing how much you missed us.
You loved your car rides in the sunshine, sunroof open and the windows down.  We miss our co-pilot.
With time we all grow older,  we think of you with a smile that you bring to our faces even though you are gone.  I know we will meet again.