At Halo, our mission is to assist you in having your beloved pet cremated
in the most dignified, timely and affordable manner possible.
Please do not hesitate to call or email us with your questions.

Many pet owners choosing cremation have questions.
These are a few of the most common.

• What is cremation?

Cremation is an alternative to burial for handling your pets remains. During the cremation process your pet's remains are placed into the cremation chamber where they are transformed back to their basic elements through intense heat. Once cremation has taken place, there are only purified bone fragments remaining.

• How do I know I'm getting only my pet's cremated remains back?

Halo Pet Cremation uses a system in which stainless steel tags with an identification number follows your pet through the cremation process. This ensures that each pet can be identified at all times. Halo also offers witnessed cremation, where the pet's family can be present during the cremation process. We are members of the Pet Loss Professional Alliance and International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, and as members we adhere to the strict code of ethics required by the PLPA and ICCFA. You can have peace of mind with Halo, knowing that only your pet's ashes will be returned to you.

• What happens if my pet dies at home?

In the event of a home death, call (250) 546-4182. Halo Pet Cremation will come to your home and pick up your pet, and have them cremated according to your wishes. We will call you as soon as your pet's cremated remains are ready to be picked up, or we can deliver them to your home. (An extra charge may apply for home pick up and delivery.) If you prefer, you can also make arrangements to bring your pet to Halo. 

• What type of pets can be cremated?

We can provide cremation for pets up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Pets can include, but are not limited to: dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, birds, rabbits, monkeys, goats, pigs, miniature horses, llamas, alpacas.

• We are having our pet euthanized at our local veterinary hospital. What then?

Ask your veterinarian to call Halo Pet Cremation. We will transport and cremate your pet and return the ashes to your veterinary clinic. 

• Do I need to purchase an urn?

No. An urn is not required. Your pet's ashes can be returned to you in a cardboard scatterbox. This is suitable if you wish to scatter or bury your pet's cremains. Many families do however choose to purchase an urn for their pet. Urns come in all shapes, sizes and prices. 

• Can I provide my own urn for my pet?

Yes, and we will assist you in choosing a suitable size for the weight of your pet.

• What can I do with the ashes?

You may choose your own specialty urn from our selection or provide your own. Some people keep the urns in a special spot in their homes, others bury the urn, and still others scatter the ashes.

• How much does cremation cost?

The cost will depend on the size of your pet and whether you would like private or communal cremation. Please see our prices page for this information, or we would be happy to provide you with a price, and help you with choosing a dignified way to say farewell to your pet.

• Are witnessed cremations available?

Yes, and they are encouraged as a meaningful way to say goodbye and help you in the grieving process. Choosing to participate in this way can provide the peace-of-mind you may need during this time of grieving. If you wish you may spend some private time with your pet to say your final farewell in our quiet area. To arrange for a viewing and visitation of your pet, contact Halo Pet Cremation and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. 

• What happens to the remains of pets that are communally cremated?

The pet's ashes are scattered on our peaceful acreage, completing the circle of life.  If you do choose communal cremation, you may want to consider keeping a lasting memory of your pet with a paw print impression or hair clipping, which we can take before cremating your pet.

• Can my pet be cremated with their favourite blanket or toy?

To better respect our environment, we ask that only organic materials be cremated along with your pet. Most blankets and toys are treated with fire retardant and contain man-made fibre. If you would like your pet wrapped in a blanket, we request it be made of 100% cotton. Flowers, note cards, photographs, and food are all welcome.

• If I choose cremation when will I receive my pet’s ashes?

Your pet's ashes will be ready in approximately 1 week. We do not use a shipping company or postal service. We can deliver your pet’s ashes back to you or to your veterinarian.