There are a variety of ideas for memorializing your pet. 
Choosing a unique memorial for your pet is a beautiful way to
cherish the memory of their life. 

  • Use photos of your pet to fill an album, make a collage, or carry them in
    your wallet or a locket.
  • Write a letter, poem, story or song, about your pet, or dedicated to your pet.
  • Attach a note, or place some of the ashes in a biodegradable balloon, and release it.
  • Make something that reminds you of your pet - a drawing, a clay sculpture, or a needlework project.
  • Have a portrait, sketch, or sculpture done of your pet. This can be done after the pet's death from a photograph.
  • Have a photo of your pet transferred to a T-shirt, button or your coffee mug.
  • Keep a tuft of fur or a few ashes, and place them in a locket.
  • Have a paw print impression made to have as a special keepsake.
  • Keep pet tags on your key ring so that you will always be carrying the
    memory of your pet with you.
  • Have a plaque made to honour your pet. Put it in a special place, near where your pet or their ashes are buried, or on a bench in your yard.
  • Make a donation in memory of your pet to a special cause, or volunteer for an organization that cares for unwanted pets.
  • Plant a shrub, tree or flowers near the location where your pet, or their ashes, are buried.
  • Scatter ashes in an area that was special to you and your pet.
  • Put your pet's obituary or memorial in the local newspaper or on our Memorials page.
  • Start a pet loss support group in your area.

We would love to hear about the special way you have chosen
to remember your pet.